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About Our Unique Charter
Boat Fishing Adventures

Charter Boat Fishing the Bay and Gulf

Welcome to Grinning Angler Charter boat fishing, where passion meets expertise on the open waters. Captain Brock Meyer, hailing from North Alabama, brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong love for fishing to every expedition. Since planting his roots in Panama City Beach in 2017, Brock has become a trusted name in guiding anglers through the bountiful waters of St. Andrew’s Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for Deep Sea Fishing adventures.

Partnering with retired dermatologist Dr. Blake Alexander, whose desire for a life beyond the confines of an office perfectly complements Brock’s seafaring spirit, Grinning Angler Charters promises not only thrilling adventures but also a seamless blend of expertise and hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable journey where every cast holds the promise of excitement and discovery.

Panama City Beach Charter Boat Deep Sea Fishing Near Me Red Snapper

About Our Fishing Charter Boat

The Sea Hunt Ultra

Our charter boat is the 27.5 ft Sea Hunt Ultra. Its sleek design and spacious layout offer ample room for anglers to move freely while pursuing their favorite catches. Equipped with top-of-the-line navigation and fishing gear, our Sea Hunt Ultra ensures a smooth and exhilarating journey, promising unforgettable moments and bountiful catches for all aboard.

For Serious Anglers

With the ability to remove bow cushions and tables, we maximize deck space, providing ample room for casting and maneuvering. Equipped with cutting-edge electronics, including weather radar, and powered by twin Yamaha F200 outboards delivering a max speed of 52 mph, our boat ensures efficiency and precision in navigating the waters.

Our Charter Boat Fishing Team

"Pompano Brock"

Captain Brock Meyer is originally from North Alabama, where he was an avid fisherman and hunter. He moved to Panama City Beach in 2017 and has earned a local reputation for being a skilled fishing guide for the waters of St. Andrew's Bay and the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Since 2017, Brock's charter business has grown to include many boat charters to fish offshore and in St. Andrews Bay. Brock is working diligently to achieve his lifetime goal of sharing his passion for fishing with others and showing his clients a fantastic time out on the ocean.

Pierce Alexander

With a Danish heritage, Pierce has fishing ingrained in his DNA. A chemical engineer specializing in rocket design at Northrop Grumman, he's currently on hiatus to pursue a master's degree in materials engineering and indulge his true passion: angling off the shores of Panama City Beach.

Blake Alexander
Business Manager, Scheduling, Deckhand

Blake Alexander, MD, retired from a 22-year career as a dermatologist, having owned his medical practice for most of it. He sought a life beyond office confines, explaining, "I was burnt out on medicine and looking to spend the rest of my life not being stuck in an office." During a vacation, he encountered Brock on one of his shore charters, noting his talent and friendliness, and proposed that Blake would handle the business side of the operation, giving Brock more time to be on the water.

Charter Boat Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Fishing License to go Charter Boat Fishing?

You will be fishing under our charter boat license and will not need to purchase a fishing license. More information is available here.

What's Included in My Charter Boat Fishing Trip?

Our charters offer top-quality gear and tackle, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful fishing excursion. Additionally, complimentary water and a cooler stocked with ice are provided. As part of our service, we’ll clean any legal fish you catch.

What Should I Bring Charter Boat Fishing?

Please bring snacks, beverages other than water (if you plan to bring adult beverages, please enjoy them in moderation), sunglasses, and sunscreen.

What if I get Motion Sick Charter Boat Fishing?

If you are prone to motion sickness, consider taking Dramamine (or something similar) about an hour before boarding the boat.

Inshore Fishing
Near Me

For those anglers who prefer calm water, the protected waters of St. Andrew’s Bay is an excellent option to land the days catch. Here, each area of the bay contains a unique fish habitat prompting a variety of fishing styles.

Pricing starts at $175 per hour for up to 4 people, with options for afternoon departures and accommodations for larger groups available upon request

Reef Fishing
Near Me

Selecting a nearshore bottom fishing expedition for your Panama City Beach angling experience is a captivating experience for those seeking intense action and a diverse set of fish species to target.

Pricing starts at $200 per hour for up to 4 people, with options for afternoon departures and accommodations for larger groups available upon request

Deep Sea Fishing
Near Me

Off the shores of Panama City Beach, where the turquoise near-shore waters meet the vast expanse of the open ocean, an intense realm of angling adventure awaits with big gear and bigger fish.

Pricing starts at $200 per hour for up to 4 people, with options for afternoon departures and accommodations for larger groups available upon request